by Logan Pate

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    a mixed bag of unfinished songs that are about as finished as they gon' get!




released March 7, 2011



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Logan Pate Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Nobody
so they've taken it all
that's the last of it
here i stand
here i wallow in the remnants
and here inside this cold
they are stumbling to grasp my warmth
but i see you mother, father, sister, brother, my love
and all that i can say is

long as i got you...
long as i got you...
i'm gonna be ok
we're gonna be ok

don't nobody know me like you do
don't nobody know me like you do
don't nobody know me like you do
don't nobody know me like you do
Track Name: Choose
gotta say, i saw it coming
attempt to break through grey morning
i've lived this day before
and it's like i'm underwater
simple motion becomes harder
shiver at the feeling i get when i open my eyes

i carry on in the mundane
expecting change, making no change
like someone's gonna save me
tryin' for a solution
that pleases you and you and...
another lesson learned

above my head, the constellations
speak to my hands an invitation
they're right within my reach
and below, the ground is spreading
so much time spent dormant
never knew about my wings

choose which way to lose
Track Name: Sunrise
in the weight
in the haze
it is night in the summer
and the courtyard is filled with fireflies
and i know i can't hold on to this feeling any longer
but i wonder what it's like to live outside

the curtain pulls on the stage and i wait for the thunder
stepping out once again, this is where i take my bow
and this has been the performance of a lifetime
so, how could i ever know which way to go now

stealing pages from the books of my loved ones
their regrets, their hopes birth again inside of me
and this time, i will wake up in a brand new morning
and for the first time i will open my eyes and see

sunrise, sunrise

i don't know if i can make it
i don't know if You are there
cause it's so hard to believe when i can't see You
when the lines have all gone down
and the darkness gathers round
how will i know
how will i know if i never see You
Track Name: Nothing Left
run and run and run
goin' with everyone else
now the danger comes
i've got to run by myself
and you, you, you
you won't return my calls
i, i, i, i wrote a letter
you, you, you,
you said it wouldn't be two months
but i, i, i
i knew better

so now i'm all alone
learning what i must learn
this is where i grow
this is where i burn
and you, you, you
you were never really my friend
if you, you, you
you got to turn away
when i, i, i
i was just tryin' to let you in
well i, i, i
got nothin' left to say
Track Name: Don't Forget Me now
there it goes, the ground
swept beneath my feet
and all i know
did you need to say goodbye to me

don't forget me now
i need you
don't forget me now
i need you